Energetic Progress and a Gift? Please Read

R2 is slowly and steadily making progress. I’m still shook.

I went to the back to get rung up and already spoke to everyone else back there, but hadn’t seen a pharmacist…up close (I knew she was back there.) So I yelled out “hey to whoever the pharmacist is,” she was on the phone. After some time, guess who moseyed themselves up front to get rang up?



I changed myself. I started to see some things that were no longer compatible with me. I need a big change in energy. That means stop giving attention to things where I need to move on from and putting action to those changes that I’ve been focused on for quite some time. And I mean big change everywhere, not just this one situation.

However since I’m on the subject, I feel that I take a more masculine approach with certain people, and in my desire to want to connect I find myself having a take charge approach when what I really want to do is relax. Then I’ll be overly passive when it really counts to speak up. I see that energetic disconnect with the men and women, and once upon a time I felt the need to be more guarded for protection since I was so disappointed with people.

But in the new energetic paradigm, I don’t have to do extra for other people hoping they will pick up the pace. I also don’t have to distrust my feminine energy to not be strong enough. I see I can relax and make myself be, and trust others to be the same. If not, I know how to walk out without taking it personally.

I already feel better about it, life. It’s a change I’ve been flirting with since the beginning of the year, and now I happily take it’s hand. I’ve decided I’m not going to worry about a job either.

Now that I see, it’s really going to be okay. I am one with change. And the needed actions.

Speaking Of Change

Today I have reached 10 whole followers

its a oprah night, if you couldn’t tell

In lieu of the change theme, I’d like to pick someone to give a dream interpretation to. This will strictly be for fun, but regardless I want to strengthen my reading skills. I’d love to practice more of my skills with people in real time and have feedback.

Decide a dream for me to interpret (no dream is too strange, I’ve had my fair share) and let your interest be known in the comment section or through the contact page. I’ll message you and we’ll get the ball rolling. Thank you and let’s be open!


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