Relaxing Without Goals and Revisiting Purpose

I’ve been getting a workout from this new hire at work. As they say, she’s a good kid. Very talkative though. VERY. TALKATIVE.

She is someone that has mounds of potential (I think I used mound right) and could stand to use some polishing and guidance. But every time I turn around she has something to say: to me, customers, her family when they come, etc. Sometimes all I can think is wooow, you sho’ talk a lot. She seems to think out loud and can easily jump from topic to topic. Very extraverted.

I’m not used to it.

It can be refreshing though. One night she got my attention when she was talking about her being sensitive—oh, she will also notify people when they might hurt her feelings. Its a little annoying but I think it’s best to talk about it, which is what I told her. She’s also a teenager, so I want to be delicate sometimes as I remember how I was at that age. As we were walking around she was saying how much she hates that about herself, the sensitivity, and how she wishes she could change that. Talking about how someone can accuse her of doing or saying something she knows she didn’t do and even though she knows that, she still will think damn “well did I say it? Did I do it? I really hate that about myself.”

At that moment, I wanted to say something. I did, but it wasn’t as eloquent as I wanted. There are millions of thoughts that surround this topic for me. I did tell her she justĀ  hasn’t mastered herself yet, and that is true, among other things. She seemed to understand me some.


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